At Nova, students and staff continually engage in building community and social justice work that are embedded in learning and service activities. Student activities at Nova include governing committees which help run the school and a wide variety of community-building activities.


Tuesdays - Teacher/Location

Thursdays – Teacher/Location

Fridays – Teacher/Location

Queer Group - Debbie

Little Africa – Melissa, Eyva

Anime – Patrice

Male Privilege - Karen S

Budget – Susan

Japanese Studies – Lydia

Yoga - Little Gym

Council of Minstrels – Terrance

Prom – Susan

Day to Day - Adam

Drawing From Life – karen k

Poetry – Barbara

Recruitment – Terrance

Yearbook – Quinn

Green Projects – Adam, Joe


Modern Greek Studies - Lydia

Bombardment Society

– Little Gym (Terrance)



Open Studio Art – karen k




– Cafetorium (Susan)



Social Justice League – Eyva



Drama - TBD



Diversity Committee – Melissa