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Chapter 1--Data Exploration

Essential Question:  How can we model and analyze data to understand real-life situations?

Unit Rationale:  Exploring data offers many opportunities to use algebra and see its applications.

As a result of this unit, students will be able to:

Ø  Make and use a scatter plot to evaluate the relationship between two variables

Ø  Draw and justify conclusions about a data set, based on graphs


·         Accuracy

·         Coordinate Plane

·         Coordinates

·         Measure of Center

·         Measure of Central Tendency

·         Ordered Pair

·         Origin

·         Precision

·         Quadrant

·         Quartile

·         Scatter Plot

·         Variable

·         Inter Quartile Range(IQR)


Standards: Standards will be assessed on both the state and classroom levels, however, standards with an asterisk (*) in the code will count for graduation requirements. 

Focus Standards:

*A1.6.A Use and evaluate the accuracy of summary statistics to describe and compare data sets

Supporting Standards:

*A1.2.B Recognize the multiple use of variables, determine all possible values of variables that satisfy prescribed conditions, and evaluate algebraic expressions that involve variables.

*A1.6.B Make valid inferences and draw conclusions based on data.

Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Communication Standards:

A1.8.E Read and interpret diagrams, graphs, and text containing the symbols, language and conventions of mathematics.