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Language Arts

If you are interested in Language Arts, this is the dream school. The teachers are passionate about the subjects and themes that we teach.

Some goals we have as a language arts department
  • students maintain a formative efolio throughout their high school career, culminating in a showcase efolio in their graduation year
  • reading: students read a minimum of five books a year (in their efolios the grade level of these novels will be shown)
  • communication: students become leaders in the classroom through activities like leading class discussions all the way to leading seminars for full 1.5 hour classes
  • students will experience that what happens in their language arts classes is relevant and ongoing in their lives
  • community: a community of learners: everyone gets to lead and everyone gets to listen, including the teacher/facilitator
  • creative writing: every student will have 10 polished pieces of creative writing to put in their showcase efolio
    • a minimum of 3 short stories
    • a minimum of 3 poems
    • optional: plays, screenplays/scripts, novellas & novels,
  • expository writing: every student will have 3 polished pieces  to put in their showcase efolio
    • to show growth over time, there will be a variety of length and styles of essays and research papers
    • to reflect on their writing, some drafts will include self assessments
  • reflection writing: to save people's lives, we will insist that they write every day. 
    • reflecting on your experience or process
    • reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, sensations, the gamut of being
    • reflecting on your communication skills